Should You Sanitize Your Toothbrush?

Do You Need to Sanitize Your Toothbrush? | Walbridge DentalDoes it feel like no matter how healthy your lifestyle, you’re constantly getting a runny nose, scratchy throat, and a cough that won’t quit? If yes, then you want to take a closer look at your toothbrush.

Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria and these pesky germs easily move from your mouth to the toothbrush head, and according to the National Dental Association, the duration of a cold can be lengthened by the reintroduction of cold germs through your toothbrush. This is especially dangerous if you have a chronic illness or immune disorder.

Sanitation Methods for Your Tooth Brush

  • Start with an antibacterial mouthwash – Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash before brushing may prevent or decrease how rapidly bacteria builds up on the toothbrush.
  • Store your toothbrush hydrogen peroxide – Soaking your toothbrush in a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide is another method you can use to ensure your tooth brush is free of bacteria. Start by pouring the hydrogen peroxide in an empty glass container, then place your toothbrush in the solution for five minutes. Next, rinse the toothbrush with water to eliminate any residue, and finish by storing your toothbrush in an upright position. Use this method once per week.
  • Put your toothbrush in the dishwasher – Sometimes you want to really deep clean your toothbrush. Place your toothbrush on the top rack or the utensil basket in your dishwasher and wash on a normal cycle with your other dishes.
  • Purchase a UV toothbrush sanitizer – With this method, you’ll want to purchase an ultraviolet light sanitizer and store the brush head in the small plastic container provided. Direct the UV light at the tooth brush head for six to eight minutes before and after brushing.
  • Effervescent disinfecting tablets – This method functions similarly to the UV toothbrush sanitizer, but instead of an ultraviolet light sanitizing your toothbrush you’ll use effervescent tablets. These tablets work much like denture cleaning tablets. Add a tablet to warm water, place the head of your toothbrush inside the solution and soak for up to ten minutes for best results.

Is sanitizing your toothbrush really necessary?

Though the idea of a super clean toothbrush is appealing to most, there’s debate in the scientific community as to whether sanitizing your toothbrush is at all beneficial. According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, your body is constantly exposed to potentially harmful bacteria, but uses its natural defenses to fight off disease. Though toothbrush disinfection is not necessary, it’s not entirely harmful either.

Go ahead and give it a try!

All of these methods are great for keeping your mouth clean and germ free, but it’s always best to see your dentist twice a year for an examination and full teeth cleaning.

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