Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Dental Care Questions

Q:  What is the typical visit like at Walbridge Dental?

Your oral health is important to us, which is why we encourage you to schedule a regular dental cleaning each year. During your visit, our friendly staff will check the health of your teeth and gums and clean your teeth. If needed, we'll take x-rays, apply sealant, or administer fluoride.

For more information, please visit our section on Dental Cleanings.

Q:  What do I do if I have a toothache or other pain?

Contact us immediately for an emergency appointment.

Phone: 419-836-1033
Email: info@walbridgedental.com

Please call as early as possible, so that we can schedule an appointment quickly. We try to see patients in pain as soon as we can.

Q:  Why are x-rays so important?

X-rays are important to see everything inside your mouth, including your bone structure. Visually, we can only see so much, and x-rays are used to see the "in-betweens" of the teeth. With x-rays, we can find and treat decay in the early stages.

Do you have numerous fillings or crowns? If so, x-rays are especially important to address the health and stability of them.

Q:  May I request a specific doctor or hygienist?

Of course, you may! We want your experience to be as comfortable as possible. If you would like a specific doctor or hygienist, just mention it when you schedule your next appointment. We'll be happy to make sure you're scheduled with the provider you want.

Financial Questions

Q:  What insurance do you accept?

We welcome all types of insurance, but since there are so many different plans, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email, so that we can answer your specific questions.

If you are considering a new dental insurance policy in the future, we are more than happy to help assist you in your decision-making process.

Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

We provide an out-of-house financing option for those patients requiring a complex treatment plan, or anyone who qualifies to take advantage of this service. A simple credit application is required, and approval is ready in minutes.

Cosmetic Dentistry Questions

Q:  Do you offer Tooth Whitening? What types of professional whitening do you offer?

Yes, we offer tooth whitening procedures.

At Walbridge Dental, we offer two types of professional whitening: in-office and whitening trays. The in-office procedure requires one visit. The whitening trays involve impressions and delivery of the trays the following week.

We prefer the tray method, because the patient can maintain their whitening for as long as they desire. The in-office procedure is convenient for a one-time occasion, such as a wedding or prom.

If you decide to whiten your teeth professionally, please consult with your dentist as to which type you will respond to best.

Questions about Children's Dental Care

Q:  At what age should I first take my child to the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend that a child’s first visit to the dental office occur at approximately six months or when the first tooth erupts. If teeth do not erupt by the end of your child’s first year, you should see a dentist. We typically see a child for their first cleaning appointment at approximately three years of age. We do encourage younger children to come along for sibling or parent visits so that they know what to expect.

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Senior Dental Care Questions

Q:  Does the risk of oral cancer increase with age?

Yes, seniors are more at risk for oral cancer. We recommend regular oral cancer screenings with your routine dental cleaning. The risk mostly increases in those who smoke, use smokeless tobacco products, or have a family history.

Q:  I am a senior without dental problems. Do I need to see the dentist?

Yes. It is in your best interest to visit your dentist, especially as you age, at least once a year for a checkup. We'll examine your teeth and gums, look for signs of oral cancer or other oral health issues. You are also more prone to dry mouth, a condition where you do not produce as much saliva. This greatly increases the susceptibility to decay.

You may also be interested in Preventative Dental Care.

Q:  It is difficult for me to clean my teeth due to arthritis or a medical condition. Can you recommend anything?

Arthritis or other medical conditions can make it hard to brush your teeth effectively. Here are some suggestions to make it easier to clean your teeth:

  • Increase the size of your toothbrush handle
  • Try a battery powered or electric toothbrush
  • Flossing aids are available at your local drug store

Ask your hygienist or dentist to suggest a product for you at your next scheduled visit.