What Causes Dry Mouth?

Almost everyone experiences a dry mouth from time to time. Normal daily activity or unusual stressors can all be part of what causes dry mouth for you. For many, it’s a minor inconvenience; but when a dry mouth turns into a chronic condition, it can result in serious dental health problems with lasting ramifications! What […]

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I Chipped My Tooth – What Should I Do Now?

It happens in a split second and it’s never planned, but chipping a tooth is more common than you might think. Even though your teeth are tough – the enamel on them is the hardest substance in your body – they are still vulnerable to chipping. Some chips can happen from an act as simple […]

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How Do I Take Care of My Dentures?

If you have complete or partial dentures, you know that they’re important for your quality of life. While they may not be exactly like natural teeth, proper care for your dentures is just as important as caring for your original teeth! In fact, if you take care of your dentures, they’ll look better and last […]

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Why Your Tooth Filling Fell Out & What to Do Next

If a tooth filling fell out of your mouth, you’ll often know it. The pain can often be excruciating on the newly exposed area of your teeth. But don’t worry – while a lost filling is something you’ll want to get quick treatment for, it’s not typically a sign of any major disasters in your […]

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Periodontal Disease Treatment & FAQs About Periodontal Disease

When people think of oral health they tend to think about their teeth. But your gums are also an important part for the health of your mouth, and even the rest of your body! If you don’t properly care for your gums, you’re likely to eventually experience what’s known as periodontal disease. And while periodontal […]

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Why are My Teeth Sensitive to Food & Drink?

  Do you wince in pain when you enjoy a bite of ice cream or a sip of your morning coffee? The feeling of discomfort from eating or drinking our favorite foods can be irksome – or downright upsetting. Many people ask us “why are my teeth sensitive” and the reality is that it could […]

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How Often Should You Go to the Dentist to Maintain Good Oral Health?

You know it’s important to go to the dentist. But like many, you may be asking yourself how often should you go to the dentist to stay safe and healthy? For most, the answer is pretty simple – but it could change depending on your general health and health history! Read on to learn the […]

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Tips to Prevent Dental Cavities for Your Children

Concern about cavities is a justified one! After all, healthy teeth are a core part of health growing for children of all ages. Due to a variety of reasons, cavities are a common problem for children between the ages of 6- 14.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to prevent dental cavities in […]

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Root Canal Myths: Debunked

Just the words “root canal” can be enough to make someone cringe. They’re not a favorite when it comes to dental procedures! But the reality is that much of the fear surrounding this procedure is based on history that simply aren’t true anymore – or never were true! Root canal myths can be a source […]

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The Oral Health Benefits of Fluoride for Teeth

Do you have frequent issues with cavities? If so, your dentist may have recommended a fluoride rinse or to switch to toothpaste with fluoride in it. Dentists often promote fluoride for teeth and general oral health as it offers major benefits in the never-ending fight against bacteria. Read on to learn more about fluoride and […]

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