The Common Causes of Bad Breath & How to Prevent Halitosis

It’s embarrassing to find out you have bad breath. The thought of halitosis alone can give some people anxiety. For most, it’s just a temporary problem. However, a few causes of bad breath can be chronic. You can prevent bad breath by avoiding the common causes, as well as taking care of your dental hygiene. […]

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The 4 Best Dental Apps for Developing Healthy Brushing Habits

It’s not always easy to keep your teeth clean. Food particles, bacteria and plaque are hard to spot, particularly in the deeper corners of the mouth. That’s why it’s critical for parents to teach their children healthy brushing habits. One clever way to get your child focused on proper brushing is using fun and engaging […]

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FAQs About Sports Guards for Athletes

Gum disease and tooth decay aren’t the only ways to cause damage to your natural smile. Accidents and injuries to the mouth are common – especially for athletes. The best way to prevent tooth loss and other damage to your mouth is with the use of a sports guard. With three major categories of sports […]

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What’s the Difference Between Major Brands of Mouthwash?

If you practice a daily dental care routine, you probably use an oral rinse or mouthwash. But which one do you use? With all the brands of mouthwash available, with all their different formulas, is one better than another? Keeping your gums and teeth healthy is important, so read on to learn more about a […]

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The Dental Dangers of Getting Your Tongue Pierced

While they’re not too common, tongue piercings have become more popular in recent years, especially for teenagers and young adults. Like any piercing, getting your tongue pierced involves a responsibility to properly care for it to avoid the inherent risks. However, the sensitivity of your gums and teeth, along with the constant existence of bacteria […]

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Prevention Tips & Safe Treatment for Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy is an exciting time in any soon-to-be mother’s life. You want to focus on planning for the new baby, not dealing with painful dental issues. However, pregnancy can significantly increase your risk for developing gum disease known as pregnancy gingivitis. Your dental health is important to you and your new child, so it’s important […]

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What Should I Expect from a Veneers Procedure?

Nothing can give you more confidence than a sparkling white smile. Even if you take great care of your teeth, discoloration, stains, or bruxism can cause issues that leave you less than thrilled with how they look. Good news: veneers may be right for you.  Veneers are one of the 5 best ways to whiten […]

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What Are Digital X-Rays? Are They Safer Than Film X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are an important tool for dentists to track your oral health and identify potential issues, like the spreading of gum disease. But many patients have concerns in regards to the technology and dental radiation safety.  Questions like “is radiation from x-rays dangerous” or “what are digital x-rays?” are very common among patients. We’ll […]

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What’s Involved in a Dental Implant Procedure?

Even with the advances in dental care that have taken place over the last century, tooth loss is still an issue that many Americans face. For decades, dentures or bridges were the only option available to treat the gaps left by lost teeth. However, that is no longer the case. Modern technology has made permanent […]

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Should You Choose a Dental Implant or Bridge?

If you’re missing a tooth, modern dental techniques and technology offers several options for completing your smile. Two of the most popular are dental implants and bridges; both fill in the gaps with a durable, natural-looking tooth, but do it in very different ways. Which would be best for you? Learn more about both procedures […]

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